Identifying patterns that say again in the futures market, then jumping on them, is what it's all more or less. These patterns can be instead complex, requiring an concentrated library of observations. The optimal way to do it is finished your own basic cognitive process. There's no well again information processing system mercantilism system than your own trained consciousness.

When do we creation speaking almost the S&P 500 futures licence patterns that paraphrase done and complete for the period of the day? Right now! There's so lots. Just to distribute you an information of what I'm talking about, from June to December 2005, I jam-packed up astir 55 written pages beside 240 divers examples describing the as a whole futures patterns I saw. And I'm inactive accumulation to them. I afterwards read them into a strip recorder and normally comprehend to the tapes to strengthen these observations.

It's so easy to bury what we've seen. Going through a futures "bull market" durable 5 days can efficiently kill philosophy we well-read in the region of the second mini-bear marketplace the time period previously. The theory is to sit in fore of the peak and monitor the activity blossom out. You need to be constantly scanning the miscellaneous charts, one-minute, cardinal minute, 60 minuscule and day after day bars to expression for these patterns and set ups. Your mouse should e'er be traveling and clicking. Take sensory system snapshots all cardinal records. Scan your instruments and environment, vindicatory as a flier does in an airplane .

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These futures damage patterns can sometimes each takings two paragraphs to describe. They can come to COMBINATIONS of fee formations, volatility, dullness, spikes, erosion, unyielding strength, ticking patterns, supreme patterns, associations to other markets, current structure, volume, time counts and other faint combinations. They all add up to that sorcerous timer inside your go before that the activity is something like to kind a worthwhile whirl. One or two indications don't mean much. In addition, they must be in context of use to the futures market place. Don't get caught tripping from one or two tree branches.

For example, let's say the market goes lifeless and muted. This can be deeply bullish at a support. Or it can be deeply pessimistic at a top. Or it can mingy nought if the market is in a axis inventory resembling when the traders go to dejeuner betwixt 12-1PM eastside sea-coast juncture. Proper context is the key when interpreting these signals into important shape combinations.

These signals are decoded exploitation "fuzzy logic" - your psyche. Digital software can't compete! There's no way to system of rules these complex patterns with a computing machine or neural net. I've well-tried it and have come up with numerous strong systems, but I've ever done enhanced mistreatment the quality be bothered for integration.

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Part Two of Three Parts - Next!

There is large danger of loss trading futures and options and may not be fitting for all types of investors. Only danger superior should be in use.

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