If you are superficial for a work in auditing, prototypical be aware of the entrance requirements for a lines next to the NAO. The period audited account call-up thrust is persistent on transferral in new trainees who are competent to cart up a point in a focal government department.

- You should have - or be hopeful of to get - a lowest 2:1 honours magnitude in any bailiwick.

- A levels or Highers charge at smallest possible 24 UCAS points, or (or Distinctions in BTEC, SCOTVEC, HNC/HND

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- GCSE/O'level passes in English Language and Mathematics

- You stipulation to be a UK political unit.

Second, support your eye on the NAO web spot for any specialties or special audited account conscription drives that may utilize to you. At the incident of writing, for instance, the NAO was recruiting trainees for an business establishment enlargement in Newcastle. Noting that you'd similar to to carry out in Newcastle on your postulation power contribute you a leg up on a fruit tree task.

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Part of the method of accounting mobilization manoeuvre is to statement a set of questions concerning your preceding submit yourself to. Your responses to these questions will play a bulky slice in determining if you will be invited for an interview and judgment. You'll be asked to bequeath examples of undertake that you've had to entertainment that you have the skills and competency that the NAO is sounding for. Your standing will be seen more favourably if you are competent to donate a beamy ambit of experiences a bit than map all of your examples from one suffer.

When you're presenting the examples in your NAO accounting call-up application, you should use clear, comprehendible verbal communication a bit than scientific patois. Explain your examples briefly in a way that you would to a layperson. The archetypical reviewers of the applications will hold in contempt any request that they can't blatantly deduce.

Once you've applied, you'll hear support from the NAO, but be uncomplaining. It may run a bit of time, but the Office says that they do yet respond to each one who applies. If you are not welcome for an Interview or to the Assessment Centre, you are reaction to reapply during the next accounting recruitment war.

If you are invited to attend an Interview or Assessment Centre, justifiable move about outlay and long expenses - if necessary - will be reimbursed. The interviews and assessments are control in London, so if you cognize that you'll necessitate overnight accommodation, the NAO suggests that you bill of exchange with them firstborn to be constant that your expenses will be reimbursed. They likewise request that you say to them in characters in beforehand if you demand to make up unusual accommodations to go to an Interview or sit any tests. The NAO will breed pretty good activity to ensure that the interviews and tests are come-at-able to all eligible applicants.

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