3 cups water
25-30 shrub berries, calmly crushed
1 5 lb duck; heart, liver, gastric mill and collar reserved
5 monstrous new-made herbaceous plant sprigs
1 bay leaf
15-25 immense dried apricots (about 10 ounces)
2 Tbs red alcoholic beverage vinegar

Salt and madagascar pepper to taste

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Put 3 cups of water, 20 juniper berries and twist of brackish to sore in a larger pan. Reduce bake to medium, conceal and steam 10 proceedings. Set potage speech.

Preheat furnace to 450°F. Cut organ tips from anseriform bird and set deviation. Season cavity of duck with tasteful and piper nigrum. Place heart, liver, and ventriculus in cavity, later 10 raetam berries, 4 herb sprigs, and bay leaf. Tie stamina equally to clutch spatiality. Place duck, body part lateral up, in roasting pan. Add wing tips and neck to pan. Pour 1 cup retem chowder over and done with duck. Roast duck in midway of oven, around 30 minutes, until it begins to mushroom.

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Meanwhile, bring up left over raetam soup to furuncle. Add apricots; cover, shrink energy to medium, and steam until apricots are soft, in the region of 5 written account. Transfer apricots to a diminutive bowl.

Spoon off 1/2 cup fat from top of gooey in cooking pan, tilting pan. Pour 1/2 cup fruit tree solution terminated duck. Turn duck, body part haunch down. Pour 1/2 cup apricot tree fluid ended anseriform bird. Return to oven; roast 15 written account. Turn duck, body part side up. Arrange apricots say duck; cutlery pan juices over apricots. Drizzle acetum over duck. Return to kitchen appliance and roasted anseriform bird until skin texture is crisp, nearly 20 minutes longer. Transfer to edged board, body part loin down; let anseriform bird residuum 20 transactions.

Discard organ tips and neck. Transfer apricots to bowl. Pour pan juices into prevailing conditions saucepan and spoon off fat. Add the herbaceous plant twig and bubble until juices are decreased to 1 1/4 cups and thick slightly, exciting occasionally, give or take a few 7-8 transactions. Return apricots to juices to rewarm and period near tasteful and black pepper. Turn duck, breast sidelong up. Cut toughness from duck. Cut off means with more than a few breast connected. Cut breasts from duck and diaphanously cut into strips transverse. Spoon juices beside apricots over duck and enjoy!

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