One of the hateful least sides of commerce is thing MOST population won't report to you around.

But I will!

Sometimes you will get caught in a Sahara Sales Desert Dry Spell that will intake every ounce of dynamism out of you if you don't cognise what to do!

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Have you of all time older it? I for sure did in my primeval life of mercantilism.

I can nonmoving recall it similar it was twenty-four hours. (How startling is that?)

The Well Went Dry! (oops!)

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I wasted 4 of my biggest video advertising accounts in one period of time due to changes outdoor of my control. Anddddd I was COMPLETELY UNPREPARED for the Sahara Sales Desert that straight away followed!
I will ne'er forget what my gross revenue official said to me at the event (remember - he was a time period member of the Old Boys' Club)

"Kim - I estimate this happened because you don't have a boyfriend."

That was his exceptional direction for me on how to regain hundreds of thousands of dollars in missing receipts.
Losing those HUGE clients was a genuinely overdone pedagogy (especially as I was a 100% administrative body employee) and it forced me to change state REALLY CREATIVE and as well to trade name certain it ne'er happened to me once again.

So What Is A Sahara Sales Desert?

You're commerce like-minded crazy, in use your shrimpy keister off and next WHAM! the gross sales opening fading and you start on to fearfulness.

How Do You Avoid The Dry Spell From Hell?

oPlan Ahead! If you are too tied up "working in" your company vs ON your business organisation - I endorse you will have one dry enchantment after other. You must programme leading and find out the months of the year that your sales swelling/decrease and next make a strategy on what to do!

oHave Some Reserves! (Camels Do!) Most women in company are under-capitalized. You have to SAVE/have a Line of Credit/ right to jewels to support you upwind a DRY SPELL so you don't act in a mode that is very short thinking. ie/Cancelling advertising, end promoting yourself, don't embezzle any nonrecreational perfection etc as you don't have the booty. If you are at that spine - past you aren't fashioning well-advised business organisation decisions for your company and you have more than DRY SPELLS in your approaching. GUARANTEED.

oDon't Have All Your Water On One Camel! It happened to me - it could come about to you. Who is your largest client? Now..imagine that consumer goes out of business, retires, chooses different provider - where on earth would YOU BE? Don't hang on to all of your great gross in a small indefinite amount of clients otherwise if thing goes inaccurate - you will obligation a HANDFUL OF KLEENEX!!

oMake Sure You Are Headed For An Oasis and NOT a Mirage! Do you have earthy sales targets? Do you have an constituted sales and selling representation for the side by side year or are you WINGING IT? How by a long way do you deprivation to make this year and pen specifically in DETAIL - HOW are you going to do it?

Are You Feeling A Little Cracked?

Hey - I call back what it feels like! Maybe your guard vindication is sentiment a dinky CRACKED UP because your income have flat-lined or bated. One state of affairs I cognise for assured - if you sustenance doing what you have through with in the agone - you are going to get the same results.

Listen To My Dad (he's high-and-mighty too!)

An turn of phrase my Dad always uses is "Dig the healthy earlier you are thirsty" - and this entirely applies to avoiding the Sahara Sales Desert hitting your business!

Now it is up to you.

If you are any intuition the bake of the Sahara Desert now or you deliberate you may have one in your in close proximity planned - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THIS WEEK and get your OWN RAINMAKER!

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