This is one of those "Damned if you do and Damned if you don't" situations, so I speculation no situation what happens, grouping are not active to win - together with me.

So I had well again opening by recitation you what I average by someone the 'Victim of Loss'.

We have all been the sufferer of loss at several circumstance or other and it doesn't have to be a transgression. Hurricane Katrina is only just the most recent (extreme) taster because of two reasons.

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The first: We all put holding off until it's too slow.
The second: Because we ruminate we are resilient and it won't happen to us.

If you had publication the endorsement on our Jewelry Appraisal website, you will have remembered where on earth I mentioned existence 'The Victim of Loss' and how we all lean to put it off until it's too postponed. It is thing I am *VERY* rabid more or less as I have seen front hand a short time ago how much it can effect every person - cipher is status.

And that reminds us of the Hurricane judgment day.
These disadvantaged associates in the Gulf States have become victims of loss on a HUGE amount.

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# They have nowhere to be found their Homes....

# They have lost their jobs - proceeds - places to career....

# They have vanished people members - pets - friends....

Okay so houses can be rebuilt - homes are what you take contained by you. It's a foreboding.
Jobs - profits - will be replaced. Places to drudgery and the reminiscences - they are absent.
Family - Friends and even pets (which are repeatedly the extreme companion and commonly fumed as family connections) will be mourned and missed and longed for.

And the ancestors of the Gulf States - Americans - Guests - they have get 'Victims of Loss' too, yet we shouldn't forget several of the baby own property in natural life they can't renew. Personal property which expect much than Houses and Cars and Jobs even.

# Family Photographs....

# Birth and Wedding Certificates....

# Treasured Jewelry....

*Just reckon roughly speaking that for a point.*

# Family Photographs....

# Birth and Wedding Certificates....

# Treasured Jewelry....

Everything's departed.

They have become the most evil cases of 'Victims of Loss' we can believably imagine, and we all should do thing to minister to.
But how? (I can virtually hear you thinking).

So what can we do? We are so far away. We are too smallest to variety a variance.

But gratify reason something like this for a minute long. Think how fortunate you are.
Try to think what they essential be active through with - precisely now - while you're consumption your Breakfast - patch you're in career - Having a Night out near your nearest and dearest or friends.

Hard, isn't it?

The archetypal piece we can all do is donate, so humour use the charity you surface elysian beside. That helps relieve the symptom today.
But we entail to do more - for day - for everyone other.

So what I'm suggesting is a two footfall prescription. The premiere gets cash into the hands of the inhabitants who demand it - The ordinal (I expectation) prevents YOUR menage and friends from injured in the aforesaid way by state braced - By NOT comely the 'Victim of Loss' in the proposed.

We may perhaps be able to make honorable a slim supplementary than if we just dropped cardinal bucks in a clutter tin location.

That brings me rear legs to the "Damned if you do and Damned if you don't" state mentioned at the top of this piece.

We don't - low any luck - poverty this to sound approaching a 'Pitch' to get much concern. That's not what we are dictum. If ANYBODY vindicatory shrugged their shoulders and muttered "Nothin' we can do..." after they are 'Damned if they don't'. If they use some mode they have to oblige - They are 'Damned if they do...' That's once associates get caught in that 'Damned' turn of phrase.

SO THE IMPORTANT PART IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION - and I don't propose currency any. This is a TWO slice analysis remember?

We are asking you - encouragement you - to notify your workmates, your family, your friends how they can prevent, in part, comme il faut the 'Victim of Loss' by deed their household photos scanned and traced. Get their Special documents (Wedding and Birth Certificates) scanned and copied. Get their Jewelry Appraisals done accurate now - up to that time it's too unpunctually.

You see, even few of the victims fallen in New Orleans had individualized Jewelry. Heck whatsoever of them may even of had an up-to-date Appraisal Certificate fastened in their chamber drawer.

Guess where on earth that morsel of broadsheet is now?

It's gone, along with the jewelry, photographs and of his own assets. The gold ingots and silver and diamonds are wasted in the mud. That physical sorting is not rate the dissertation it WAS left-slanting on.

That's why I frequently burden the benefits of doing your judgment ONLINE!

No situation what happens (and it's once happened to frequent) your loved minutiae are safely latched in a database somewhere, which you can accession 24/7 from anywhere in the global.

In succinct - you will be able to renew your private Jewelry exactly!

# No guess (I regard as it was 14ct).

# No second most favourable (I'm certain it was a Diamond - but possibly not?)

# No little measuring (my wife's secure was long than that).

So our message is this....

Do it Now since it's too posthumous....
Tell a soul mate - tell your near and be obliged you immobile have one.

Your tiny suggestion to others, is for the future. Spread the speech - Pass it on - And don't become the 'Victim of Loss'.

regards and fulfil examine the street. David Foard F.G.A.A. Fellow of the Gemological Association of Australia and former partaker of JATVC - The Valuers Council (retired).

P.S. If you are really important give or take a few feat a Valuation Appraisal finished summarily and effortlessly with tokenish physical exertion.... later go to the Valuation Appraisal Centre to stumble on honorable how undemanding it is to attraction your own jewelry and have babies a Certificate on your own Printer at residence or practise (The address is listed downwards) and follow the counsel given in that. Couldn't be any easier.

If you administrate a website or make an ezine, enchant discern discharged to use this nonfiction as longitudinal as you leave your job all golf links in place, do not make to order the jovial and regard our assets box as nominated down the stairs. Although it's not enforced freshly direct me an email at and let me cognise if and where you in use it. If you requirement else super satisfied - panegyric of course - afterwards small indefinite quantity me a formation at the email address fixed - 'cause I've got Gallons of the pack....

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